hi there!

im hwoon & i'm full of love & soda n fruit n stuff lol

im a creator of color. here's a more expansive bio that explains me in excruciating detail. do look at my do not interact first thanks.

bask in terror of how many links i have:

DISCORD: hwizzy#1337

"Metamorphosis" by Blank Banshee

PROFESSIONS! this is the fun part. I do:

i make psychedelic...things

..in either Adobe Photoshop or Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop. Been at this one since 2014.

on the off chance, also

sssometimes i draw.

again only using Photoshop for now. Tablet's a Wacom Intuos S. Hopefully I'll get better at this soon?.........

check it,

i use either Ableton Live 10 or Reason 10 to produce:

  • drum & bass

  • IDM

  • weird...pop...stuff

  • ambient

  • downtempo

always open to collaborations! feel free to @ me on twitter considering i always overlook my sc messages e_e

I've been doing this biz for about the exact same length of time as I've been doing visual art....five years. Or longer? either way, this is also pretty fun.

( image credit )
sooo here we are:

  • im black

  • also bih sexual

  • 20 for now

  • I GOT NO DAMN IDEA (any prns)

  • autistic! (asperger syndrome)

was raised in the Nation of Islam (where do you think "Harun" comes from silly). not having many that were like me to talk to when i was younger kinda led to me becoming this really eccentric person who sure has a bunch of niches and also generally likes a lot of things. so thats cool ^_^

also im a resident of Spring, TX. pretty quiet out here

i like being outside, semi-rural areas, mellow mushroom, whataburger, PlayStation 2, PlayStation, winter, TECHNOLOGY is a BIG thing for me, obscure video games, horror, aliens, sound design, analog synthesis, insects, baked goods, soda, weird stuff in general. boo

be patient with me i often times have trouble socializing and can sometimes act irrationally thanks to trauma relapsing. awesome i know

oh no youve unlocked the hub.

p.s. @spectralViewer is a wonderful breadsman

whoops all cartoons n anime

  • fooly cooly

  • neon genesis evangelion

  • fma: brotherhood

  • dragon ball z

  • dragon ball super

  • gurren lagann

  • mob psycho 100

  • soul eater

  • yu yu hakusho

  • transformers (G1)

  • transformers: animated

  • aqua teen hunger force

  • she-ra (the REBOOT, dumy)

  • that mao mao toon on CN now

  • spongebob (essential,)

  • victor & valentino is cute too

  • 12 oz. mouse

  • invader zim

  • motorcity

  • ok k.o.

  • the brak show

  • unikitty

  • rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • futurama

  • harvey birdman: attorney at law (gettin back into this one tbf)

generally, yea. absurd comedy. or action. or horror!!! (i dont specifically watch horror cartoons/anime but i fuckin love horror so) also those are all anime & cartoons. says a lot about me. i dont like gory anything though so Bye Bye to that in advance. but yeah throw recomemndations directly into my Mouth

okay, so. everything else. starting with youtuber

  • videogamedunkey

  • teamfourstar

  • corridor + corridor crew

  • red letter media

  • totallynotmark

  • vinesauce

  • brutalmoose

  • cyriak harris

  • phelous

  • andrew huang

  • AVGN

  • super best friends play (rip :c)

  • ashens

  • vsauce1, 2, 3

  • reignbot

  • manlybadasshero

  • rebeltaxi

  • tribetwelve

  • i enjoy a lot of YTP also

  • wheezywaiter (older videos)

oh wow i forgot videogames i like

  • thug pro

  • lsd dream emulator

  • hylics

  • undertale

  • nuclear throne

  • polybius

  • rez infinite

  • yume nikki (also yume 2kki, .flow)

  • sonic the hedgeheg

  • silent hill

i like monsterpeople. conceptually regarding ocs. i have a fursona but i don't...engage with the furry community anymore. i love SCP, also worth noting. alternate reality games in General get me tempted!

regarding music, this is the dooziest doozy to ever. i'll start from the top

and here are genres i like

  • ambient

  • hypnagogic pop

  • outrun/new retro wave

  • idm/braindance

  • breakcore

  • neo-psychedelia

  • electronic hip-hop

  • trap

  • glo-fi/chillwave

  • lo-fi house

  • downtempo

  • synthpop

  • trip-hop

  • alternative hip-hop

  • experimental hip-hop

  • progressive electronic

buncha my favorite artists

  • boards of canada

  • vektroid

  • chrome sparks

  • aphex twin

  • yves tumor

  • tobacco

  • hyphyskazerbox

  • brockhampton

  • quasimoto

  • com truise

  • iglooghost

  • knxwledge

  • tycho

  • devonwho

  • shlohmo

  • ohbliv

  • gold panda

  • j. dilla

  • mux mool

  • dabrye

  • vhs head

  • lorn

  • clams casino


  • flying lotus

  • oneohtrix point never

  • black moth super rainbow

  • high tides

  • mike

  • odd nosdam

  • earl sweatshirt

  • the seven fields of aphelion

  • washed out

  • tim hecker

  • delroy edwards

  • samiyam

  • flume

ALWAYS AND FOREVER OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS! WOW! i aint even list everyone it just be like that

do not interact with me if

  • you got any problem with any lgbt sexuality ever.

  • you really think it's okay to just indulge in loli shit, "cub" stuff, child porn in general.

  • you're edgy i guess?

  • you're racist.

  • you're xenophobic.

  • you're transphobic, or a transmed, or god forbid a terf.

  • you're a weird misogynist.